Sunday, 8 March 2009

Hope and change: the new Lib Dem themes

Nick Clegg used his spring conference speech to position the Liberal Democrats as the party of hope and change. More than that, he talked about everyone having opportunity, opposition to monopolies, regulation, backing the individual entrepreneur and tax cuts for the middle classes.

If this all sounds familiar it is because it echoes Obama during his Presidential bid.

Going into the US Presidential, the Obama programme was very similar to the Liberal Democrats. Obama's speeches could easily have been made by a British liberal and now we have Clegg framing his party as the only vehicle for hope and change.

Of course, the other two parties will reject this idea, even treat it with contempt. But it is an interesting technique.

By framing the Conservatives as the party of reactionary change and Labour as the party that cannot offer change, Clegg is attempting to put both in a corner, defining them before they define him.

All this is text book stuff from The Political Brain. Only time will tell how effective it can be.
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