Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Thick of It returns

The Thick of It returned to our TV screens this Saturday. It has moved from BBC 4 to BBC 2 and for those who have HD, you can see the glorious Malcolm Tucker getting up close and personal in high definition.

The Department for Social Affairs and Citizenship has a new Secretary of State in the shape of Nicola Murray played superbly by Rebecca Front.

Murray has two problems: her husband works for a company that has a PFI arrangement with the department and she is about to send her 11 year old to an independent school.

To appreciate the subtlety of the humour and awfulness of Tucker (played by the always brilliant Peter Capaldi), you need to watch the first episode at least twice.

While all the stalwarts are there, Ollie, Glenn and Terri, Front stole the show.

She got the mix of excitement and chaos of becoming part of the Cabinet just right. On entering government she showed a steely, albeit brief, determination to do something while in post before realising that her role is to be a puppet for communicating government policy. And that is policy that is not set by her or her department.

There are seven more episodes to go.

If you like politics then this show is highly recommended.
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