Tuesday, 29 December 2009

New year messages from party leaders

We have yet to hear Gordon Brown's new year message but have now had David Cameron's and Nick Clegg's.

What caught the media's attention about Cameron's was his continuing 'love bombing' of Lib Dem voters.

The response from the Lib Dems has been dismissive. Layla Moran thinks the party has nothing to worry about while Stephen Tall says the Tories have nothing in common with the Liberal Democrat platform.

Cameron talked about our broken politics, creating a more equal society and a greener economy.

Clegg talked about our broken politics, a fairer society and green jobs.

Clearly the two have nothing in common.

I suspect Gordon Brown will also mention green jobs or a green new deal, sorting out the expenses problem and making sure the poor don't lose out.

Regardless of whether one thinks it is healthy to have all three parties offering similar policies, to suggest that there isn't a lot in common between all three appears at odds with reality.

Of course, all three would say we have the better policies to fix our broken politics, create a fairer society and encourage green jobs but for voters who don't spend all their time reading detailed policies, one suspects that their conclusion will be that all three parties are the same and are pretending awfully hard not to be.

And that won't help restore trust between politicians and the electorate.
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