Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Nigel Farage frames his opponents

In a recent speech, the leader of Ukip claimed that the political class was made up of career politicians.

From Farage's point of view this is a smart move.

Ukip is establishing itself as the protest party.

The party is fighting three established parties for votes.

Farage isn't a mainstream politician.

Framing all three as being the same makes sense. Farage has had plenty of help in doing this, ironically from his opponents. The leadership of all three parties consists of people who did go to the same schools or universities. After the expenses scandal whether rightly or wrongly there is a perception that MPs from all three parties are on the make.

The challenge for the other parties is to find a way to frame Farage that helps their case and doesn't hinder it. To claim he is old-fashioned won't work. Some voters might even like it.

Ukip isn't about to 'break the mould of British politics' but it just might stir things up a bit in the next few years.
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