Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Review: The M-Factor

The M-Factor by Tom Maddocks is not just a guide to handling the media. It is a thoroughly enjoyable read that explains in a lively and engaging way what it takes to have what Maddocks describes as the 'M' factor.

Before going any further I should make a declaration of interest. In my professional life, I have know this expert media trainer and used his services. Last year, I was asked by him to read the manuscript of his book. That is why I, among others, am thanked.

The 'M' factor is the ability to not only get quoted in the media, press or broadcast, but to get your message across.

The book is written for people who have yet to be spokespeople and for those who are already talking to the press and want a refresher. Maddocks writes clearly and has lots of good tips for budding spokespeople. His thorough approach gives the reader the confidence that they can find their 'M' factor.

The books works for PR professionals to anyone interested in how to craft messages and engage with journalists.

Highly recommended.
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