Monday, 2 September 2013

Scandal: the most ludicrous show on TV?

Scandal is into its second series on More 4. If you haven't seen the show think a cross between 24 and The West Wing.

The storylines resolve around Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) who runs a crisis management company. Pope used to work in the White House and now along with her team fixes problems that the political class encounter on a daily basis. Some of the problems are run of the mill while others bear no relation to reality. Most of the time the fixes are things PR or crisis advisers can only dream of: solving crime and righting wrongs.

Pope crosses moral lines all the time but it is generally for a good cause so we are asked to forgive her when she tampers with evidence or lies.

The show is ludicrous in a way that 24 never was yet compelling all the same.
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